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The globalization of the workforce and its impact on the Human Resources function is a notion that all companies are having to integrate into their overall strategy. Whether the international development of your company is still on the drawing board or if you have started to take your first steps abroad, My International HR will be happy to assist you in the management of your internationally mobile employees and to accompany you in the construction of new, internationally focused human resource management policies.

Be it seconding an employee for a short term assignment or sending a family on expatriate assignment to the other side of the world, international assignments are fast becoming a key factor in successful Talent Management.

The increasing complexity of immigration and tax laws, when combined with the responsibility of the employer to protect employees and their families across the world, can make for an astonishing cocktail of issues.

Based in the Loire Valley, fully connected to tools allowing us to work with clients all around the world, My International HR gives you access to a unique, client-orientated service offer, adapted to your needs, regardless of the size of company.